Waterless Lawns

Glooloop surfacing offer a range of 30 plus high quality artificial turf products and synthetic grass. Incredibly realistic grass or coloured artificial systems are available. All our artificial grass lines are sourced from Australia’s leading manufacturers and are made strictly to Australian Standards. Our artificial grass products often make a perfect surface to compliment rubber or stone surfacing and can also be installed as a softfall system.

Benefits of Glooloop waterless lawn and artificial grass:

  • Save water. No watering required
  • Introduce very realistic artificial turf to an area previously impossible to grow lawn.
  • Soft feel and clean finish make it ideal play surface for children or pets
  • Make use of and cover unsightly concrete, dirt or asphalt.
  • Colours can be used to create games or sports designs in the surface.

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Artificial Grass

Waterless Lawns

Example of waterless lawn products used by Glooloop:

NOMO™ COOL 40mm 140 3/8″ 7 YR warranty Premium Waterless lawn Dual Tone monofilament / polyamide sand dressed
SUMMER PRESTIGE 35mm 180 3/8″ 7 YR warranty Premium Waterless Lawn Dual Tone monofilament / polyamide sand dressed
SUMMER GRASS 40mm 180 5/8″ 7 YR warranty Premium Waterless Lawn Dual Tone monofilament / polyamide sand dressed
LANDSCAPE 19mm 7 YR warranty GUM TREE GREEN Quality turf for school, kindergarten, home and general use.
PLAYLAWN 25mm 220 3/8″ 7 YR warranty GUM TREE GREEN Quality turf for school, home and general use. Lush appearance.
DURATURF 8mm Domestic turf for patios, balconies, pools, caravans and leisure.

Typical Sub Base Preparation Requirements for Artificial Grass Systems:

Glooloop are fully versed in the rudiments of surface sub-base preparation requirements and can provide competitive quotations for such works. Alternatively, we can provide detailed guidelines and specification so that you can arrange another party to carry out ground works or preparation.

Our artificial grass surfacing systems can be installed directly over pavers, concrete, timber, asphaltic concrete, timber decks or metal platforms. All existing surfaces will need to be of sound structure. We recommend a quick inspection by a Glooloop representative.

Alternatively the minimum requirement for our artificial grass system is an 80mm layer (min. compacted depth) of suitable quarry material such as 20mm rubble or crusher dust, compacted using either a roller or vibrating plate to a minimum density of 92%. The sub base finish level should have at least a 1% fall for drainage and should be set down at a height suited to accommodate the appropriate artificial grass surface thickness before achieving the desired finish level.

As with all groundwork, local advice must be taken for sub-base requirements.