Rubber Surfacing and Softfall

Glooloop general purpose rubber surfacing and impact attenuation surfaces can be supplied in SBR (recycled), CSBR (recycled), TPV, EPDM or Artificial Grass and are designed to create a quality, safe and fun solution for your project.

  • New playground rubber surfacing – wet or dry
  • Overlay unsightly concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Create dynamic gross motor skill play areas
  • Refurbish old sandpits or verandas
  • Create equal access and play for all
  • Paths for parks and gardens
  • Tree pits and root coverings
  • Floor covering for production lines, factories or manufacturing.
  • Golf walking tracks and buggy tracks
  • Long jump and triple jump run up tracks
  • Basketball, Netball, Tennis and Volley Ball Courts
  • Running and cycle tracks and paths
  • Gymnasium flooring or outdoor fitness stations
  • Pontoons, marinas, pedestrian bridges, ramps and stairwells

You can now select your own mix of colours to create an original colour design – play around with this online tool to determine your perfect colour scheme!

Don’t forget our range of CSBR 3D Animals… The perfect accessory for your rubber surfacing play area.

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Rubber ACT - George Gregan playground

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The Australian Standard (AS4422) states that an impact absorbing surface is required wherever falls from fixed or portable playground equipment is possible. Suitable impact absorbing rubber surfacing is often referred to as soft-fall. Glooloop’s rubber surfacing can be designed exclusively as soft-fall surfacing and are rigorously tested to the requirements of ASNZ4422:1996, EN1177 by Australia’s leading  authority on playground rubber surfacing Consult Co-ordinate Pty Ltd. Glooloop’s soft-fall reduces the risk of playground or play space head injury. All Glooloop surfaces comply with the requirements of ASNZ4422:1996, EN1177, and certification is issued on completion. Our Impact Attenuation Surfacing comes in single density wear layer or a bi-laminate surface generally consisting of a base cushion layer and wear layer.  The base cushion layer is wetpoured or preformed and installed at varying depths depending on the Free Height of Fall (FHoF), dictated by the playground equipment or intended use. This cushion layer is then overlayed with the installation of a top coloured wear layer, incorporating almost limitless colours or designs, or a simple single colour choice from the Colour Material Range.
Typical Rubber Surface Materials:

  • SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) recycled rubber graded at 12 mesh
  • SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) recycled rubber graded 1-4mm, 4-8mm or 8-15mm
  • EPDM or TPV (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) supplied at 1-4mm size
  • MDI based moisture curing polyurethane
  • Micronised powder pigments with no heavy metal content.
Typical Sub Base Preparation Requirements for Rubber Systems: Glooloop are fully versed in the rudiments of surface sub-base preparation requirements and can provide competitive quotations for such works. Alternatively, we can provide detailed guidelines and specification so that you can arrange another party to carry out ground works or preparation. Our rubber surfacing systems can be installed directly over pavers, concrete, timber, asphaltic concrete, timber decks or metal platforms. All existing surfaces will need to be of sound structure. We recommend a quick inspection by a Glooloop representative. Alternatively the minimum requirement for our rubber system is an 80mm layer (min. compacted depth) of suitable quarry material such as 20mm rubble or crusher dust, compacted using either a roller or vibrating plate to a minimum density of 92%. The sub base finish level should have at least a 1% fall for drainage and should be set down at a height suited to accommodate the appropriate rubber surface thickness before achieving the desired finish level. As with all groundwork, local advice must be taken for sub-base requirements