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Rubber Surfacing and Softfall

Glooloop Surfacing

Glooloop general purpose rubber and impact attenuation surfaces can be supplied in SBR (recycled), CSBR (recycled), TPV, EPDM or Artificial Grass and are designed to create a quality, safe and fun solution for your project.

Waterless Lawns

Glooloop Surfacing

Glooloop surfacing offer a range of 30 plus high quality artificial turf products and synthetic grass. Our artificial grass products often make a perfect surface to compliment rubber or stone surfacing and can also be installed as a softfall system.

Permeable Paving

Glooloop Surfacing

Our resin bound aggregate paving solutions can be used for both internal and external applications. This wet pour system uses natural gravel or coloured recycled glass to create beautiful, practical and hardwearing porous paving.

Specialists in Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing & Resin Bound Aggregate Surfacing

Glooloop are experts in soft fall surfacing and playground rubber flooring based in New South Wales. We provide efficient, top quality solutions and services for various clients, including schools, child care centres, councils and government agencies. We also supply stylish paving and landscape solutions for landscapers, architects, builders and private individuals. Our premium rubber products and aggregate paving solutions are made of the highest quality materials sourced from leading manufacturers in Australia and designed to perform and last in the harsh Australian landscape. Glooloop do not hire contractors for surfacing installations. We have a team of installation specialists who are trained and skilled to carry out work that fulfils your requirements and adheres to our strict guidelines and specifications. With our in-depth knowledge of impact attenuation surfaces and tried and tested installation methods, we can design safe, quality and aesthetically pleasing outdoor rubber flooring for commercial and domestic recreational areas, like schools, childcare facilities, playgrounds, parks and gardens.

Surfacing Solutions including Soft Fall Rubber & Artificial Grass

Find safe, practical and affordable flooring solutions for playground surfaces at Glooloop. We provide and install a range of quality, budget-friendly and innovative surfacing options, including:

  • Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing. This provides the ideal solution for your playground landscape project. All Glooloop soft fall rubber solutions are installed to comply with or exceed the impact and other requirements of ASNZ 4422:1996, EN1177, ASNZ 4486.1:97 and ASTM F1292. A certificate of compliance can be issued on completion. Our general rubber surface is an ideal flexible solution that can be installed over uneven ground and around complicated radii. It can also be installed directly over concrete, asphaltic concrete, timber or metal platforms, creating perfect overlays for pathways and other recreational areas.
  • Resin bound aggregate surfacing. This is an ideal solution for creating permeable paving, which is perfect for paths, driveways, tree surrounds and other soft landscape surfaces. Alternatively, it can be applied as a decorative overlay to hard landscape surfaces creating beautiful, durable and stylish outdoor areas, which may otherwise be difficult to set with tiles or pavers.
  • Artificial Grass. Glooloop offers a range of colourful, high quality artificial turf products and grass for waterless lawns. This stylish flooring solution is an ideal accompaniment for rubber or stone surfaces.

With Glooloop, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out by qualified and certified professionals who can provide you with full service, including complete ground preparation and any associated landscape construction work required to create your perfect playground landscape. All installations are done by our team of dedicated surfacing specialists. From supply to the installation of rubber, stone and grass surfaces, we can provide comprehensive services to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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Whether you need help choosing the ideal playground rubber flooring solutions, or you want expert advice on creating innovative outdoor surfaces, Glooloop can deliver. Our team of surfacing experts can provide the best quality service, helping you create the safest playgrounds for children and aesthetically appealing outdoor spaces where you can relax, unwind, explore and learn in a safe environment. From wet pour rubber to aggregate driveways, resin bound stone and artificial grass, we can provide superior surfacing solutions that meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards and local authority requirements. Contact us today and get a free quote on our extensive range of outdoor surfacing.

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